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Is Mashduo free?
Mashduo is completely free and always will be. Mashduo is even open-source, which means you can download the source code that makes Mashduo run. You can change it, hack it, redistribute it. Whatever you like.

Why is it free?
We love Mashduo. We think it's cool, fun, and easy to use, and we want people like you to use it. We've appreciated all the great software out in the Mac community and want to give a little back. Enjoy.

What OS does it work on?
Mac, duh. Mashduo works on Leopard, Snow Leopard, and Lion. We do not have a Windows version.

Can I search for songs just by a certain artist?
Yes, of course. Click the advanced options button at the bottom of the window, and type in the artist name. Make sure you spell it right. You can even search for songs in a certain genre. Or if you really detest country, rap, etc., you can filter that music out too.

How do you compare songs?
We compare the names and artists of songs in you and your friend's library. We use some advanced techniques to recognize that you two might not name the songs just quite the same, but they really are. It's pretty cool. However, if you think our app is missing stuff too frequently try some of the settings in the Advanced Options. Also, if you find that a lot of your songs are mismatching, shoot us an email with some examples and we'll try to work out any issues.

You've given me the results. Now what?
Once you have compared, Mashduo will give you a window showing the music you have that your friend doesn't have. On the other side of the screen will be the music your friend has that you don't. You can uncheck any songs you don't want to include or Mashduo incorrectly found for either list. Songs that are DRM protected display a lock, and videos display a video icon just like in iTunes. You can then export the information as a text file or send the list of songs via email. These operations are in the toolbar at the bottom of the window. You can also zip up all the song files you have that your friend doesn't .

How do I delete Mashduo?
Just like any other Mac app, you can AppZap it. Or you can just close it, drag it into the Trash, and empty the trash.

Where's my library file?
You're library file can be found by going into your user folder (that's the one that opens when you click the smiling Finder guy in the dock), then open the Music folder, and then the iTunes folder. There will be a file called

iTunes Music Library.xml

Make sure you get that specific file. There are a few others that look like that one, but Mashduo needs that specific file. You can just drag it over into Mashduo.